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Stuart Errol Ungar is one of the greatest poker players of all time. He sadly passed away in 1998 but his legacy lives on in the film, High Roller, also released as Stuey. While he was also known for his Blackjack and Gin Rummy skills, it’s his achievements in Texas Hold’em and Gin that garnered him worldwide acclaim.

Ungar claimed the World Series of Poker
https://smartlivecasinos.info/ title three times, making him only the second person in history to do so. From here he also became the only person ever to win the legendary Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker for an incredible three times as well.

The Synopsis

With such a talented player it is no surprise that the film based on his life combines triumph and tragedy in equal measure. The film is creatively told by Ungar himself, played by Michael Imperioli from the Sopranos. We find him in a motel, one day before his death where he is recounting his life to a stranger played by Michael Pasternak.

He tells the stranger his life story, from growing up with a bookmaker father and then moving into professional card playing, whether he played pokies online real money games we’ll never know, but we can almost bet that he did. His success made him a near household name before he become involved with drugs. He started taking cocaine recreationally after fellow players told him how the drug helps them focus during marathon poker sessions.

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